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Tuna Lasagna


1.5 large onions chopped (I like using the Red Onions)
1 small sour cream (8oz)
1 small container fresh cream (8oz)
12 oz of Cream cheese
2 large tins of Tuna (12oz)
1-2 Boxes of pasta- can either use the small shells or rigatoni
1-2 Packets of grated cheddar cheese
2 tins of tomato soup. (I like using the Progresso tomato basil or tomato onion)
Olive Oil


Boil Pasta. Take chopped onions and sauté in a pan with the oil until the onions go turn clear. Drain the Tuna and add to the onions and let simmer. Break down the tuna. Add Tomato soup in stages to the onions and tuna. Let simmer for a few minutes. The tuna should really break down once the soup has been added. Make sure the mixture isn’t too runny or clumpy. If it’s too clumpy add more soup or water. If too runny you can keep sautéing or drain when you move to the next step.

Combine all the sour cream, fresh cream and cream cheese in a separate bowl. Add some Italian spices to flavor. Basil, Oregano, salt and pepper. Add the pasta, tuna, onion and soup mixture to the cheese mixture and make sure you mix them well.

Place in a lightly greased lasagna dish and sprinkle with the cheddar cheese. Add the crushed BBQ chips for added flavor. Sprinkle a little paprika over the top. Bake at 350 for 20-30min. You can add some crushed BBQ chips to the top with the cheese.